Care Instructions

Please follow the guidelines below to properly preserve your garments and keep them in their best condition.


Unpacking - To properly package and ship your tulle robe, it will be compacted into a sealed box upon delivery. Keep in mind that tulle is very delicate and should always be handled with gentleness and great care. Use a steamer to remove wrinkles and gently seperate the ruffles by hand. Avoid over steaming.

Washing - We recommend that you have your tulle robe cleaned by a specialized dry cleaning service or do it yourself at home. If you decide to wash your tulle robe at home, do so within 24 hours of wearing.

1. Fill a tub with cold water.
2. Add a gentle detergent without dyes, perfumes, or harsh chemicals. Never use bleach on your tulle robe.
3. Gently massage your tulle robe in the water.
4. Empty the tub and rinse your robe with cold water.
5. Pat your tulle robe dry using a plain white cotton cloth. Avoid wringing, twisting, and squeezing.
6. Place your tulle robe on a clean flat surface and allow it to air dry completely away from heat and light. Never place your tulle robe in a dryer.

Storing - We recommend one of two options for properly storing your tulle robe.

Option 1: Store your tulle robe on a flat surface away from insects, debris, light, heat, and moisture. Sandwich your robe between two plain white cotton sheets and place it under a bed or in a closet. Be sure to store your tulle robe away from other materials that may contain dyes that can seep into your robe overtime.

Option 2: Store your tulle robe in a box. Gently fold your robe, adding acid free tissue paper in between the folds. Place your folded robe inside of a ph neutral acid free box. Occasionally, unfold and refold to avoid permanent creasing.

Avoid storing your robe on a hanger as this will cause pulling and stretching overtime.

Avoid storing your robe in plastic long-term. Plastics contain chemicals that may seep into the tulle overtime.

Avoid storing your robe in the garage, attic, or basement where heat and moisture can accumulate.


Washing - We recommend that you use a dry cleaning service or hand wash your spandex garment in cold water and allow it to air dry away from heat and light.

Always use a gentle detergent without dyes, perfumes, or harsh chemicals.

Avoid washing your spandex garment with whites and other items. Some garments contain dyes that can run on other clothing when washing.

Be cautious of harsh wringing, twisting, and squeezing.

Never place your spandex garment in a dryer.

Ironing - We do not recommend that you attempt to iron your spandex garment. If ironing is absolutely necessary, proceed with caution and follow the guidelines below.

Never apply an iron directly on your spandex garment.

When ironing, place a plain white cotton cloth (such as a white pillowcase) between the iron and the fabric. 

Always use the lowest setting on your iron.

Make sure that the iron is in constant motion and never sitting on the fabric.

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